Love it or Leave it!!!

Love it or Leave it!!!
heaven on earth!

heaven on earth!

Chocolates, candy, candlelit dinner…Valentines Day can bring all of that…But its still possible to stay healthy as you can celebrate this frequently indulgent day.

“Pour some sugar on me…” goes a popular track. That’s great, but all the sweets and the much-awaited four course wine-and-dine rendezvous on Valentine’s Day can spell a diet disaster. You may be able to keep away from the office candy dish or skip the fast-food counters during lunch hour, but doing away with ubiquitous Valentine’s Day goodies is a tough call, and one, thankfully, you dont need to make. Bet thats only if you stick to an otherwise healthy diet and regular exercise. Here are some ways to make the most of Valentine’s day and not feel guilty about it.

Tighten your regimen if you’ve lasted a month and a half, dont let your healthy resolution go down the drain- but you can give yourself a cheat day. Instead of sticking to a soup-and -salad dinner on your romantic date and giving up that box of chocolates, plan your diet and exercise schedule in advance. You may have errands to run, presents to buy and, ofcourse, your outfit and look to plan for that special evening out. You need extra time, yes, but make sure its not at the cost of your regular workout hour. To get rid of the guilt you might want to lighten your exercise schedule. Short on time? Try turning the intensity of your workout. Add little pockets of activity, walk more, cycle when possible. And if you’re doing the gifting, dark chocolate and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon can do more than put a smile on your valentine’s face.

Love is in the air ....

Love is in the air ….

You know what’s coming – you know what tempts you, so go ahead and make it a day of indulgence. As far as culinary delights go, make it just one extravagant meal. If you have a dinner planned, finishing off your lunch with a double-chocolate truffle cake or a coffee loaded with cream and sugar may not be a good idea. Eat healthy during the day and remember that there are healthy options on the menu that are just tasty. But if you must have that dessert, go ahead and give yourself that treat.

If you plan to stay in for the evening or hosting a small surprise for your loved one, you have plenty of healthier options. You dont have to compromise on the menu, but you can make smart choices when it comes to the ingredients. Skip the oil and try a citrus-based salad dressing. Leaner cuts of meat or seafood for the entree make healthy and delectable choices. For dessert, try using fresh fruits for the cake topping instead of a rich, creamy icing. A yummy dark chocolate fondue with fruits is not only romantic, but it goes easy on the heart, too.

Old is Gold !

Old is Gold !

Okay, if you’ve decided to splurge on a second helping from the dessert trolley or managed to finish a bottle of red and white. There’s still no need to despair. It’s not like you won’t fit into your jeans or your skinny little black cocktail dress the next day! But yes, you need to get back on track after V-day is over. Keep your healthy balanced diet in place. Don’t punish yourself and starve, either. The first thing you might want to do is get rid of all the leftover goodies. Give the rest of the chocolates away …quickly! With a little bit of planning, you can take control while treating yourself. So stop counting the calories in those heart-shaped boxes and enjoy your special day out to your heart’s and stomach’s content!

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