Barazushi – Assorted Seafood

Barazushi – Assorted Seafood

Assorted seafood with sushi rice, soy and seaweed

Serves: 6, Preparation Time: 40 minutes, Method: Easy

Chirasi means ‘to scatter’ and that’s the secret to making this simple yet fun dish. This is the perfect meal to serve guests who have varying tastes and preferences. You can even lay the ingredients out for them to choose what they like.

Barazushi - Japanese Cuisine

Barazushi – Japanese Cuisine


Japanese rice 3 cups

water 600ml

sushi rice vinegar 8tbsp


Prawns 500g large and boiled

crab meat 300g

salmon 500g, cubed

tuna 400g, cubed

salmon roe 400g (I prefer South Wind)

Nori (seaweed sheets) 1/2 cup, shredded

scallions 1/2 cup, finely chopped

Salmon Roe

Salmon Roe


Wash the rice and soak for 20 minutes. Drain and put the rice in an automatic rice cooker with water or cook in a pan as per packet instructions. When cooked, place the rice in a bowl and mix in the sushi rice vinegar gently without breaking the grains.

Nori Sheets

Nori Sheets

Now lightly marinate all the toppings in soy sauce for not longer than 2 minutes. To assemble the barazushi, start by putting about a cup of sushi rice in a serving bowl, and then simply add the topping ingredients.

yummy rolls

yummy rolls

Garnish with shredded nori sheets and chopped scallions. Gari (pickled ginger) and wasabi can be served as accompaniments. You can also make a thin omelette, shred it and place it over the rice along with the marinated seafood.

PER SERVING 197,000 Calories, protein 0.2g, carbs 51.2g, fat none, sat fat none, fiber none, salt 5.3 g



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