Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Have you been contemplating getting home a pet but are not sure? Perhaps you can’t make up your mind about which pet would be appropriate. Well, here are a few pointers that could help you decide.

A great companion

A great companion

Lessons for children

If you have children at home, it might be a great idea to bring home a pet. From pets, children learn to be responsible by caring for them. And when pets fall sick, they tend to them with great care, in the process learning to love not just people but also members of the animal world. And when these pets die, they learn the idea of death and loss.

With a pet at home, you can never feel lonely. Moreover, these animals love unconditionally, unlike any human companions. Because they are not judgmental or critical, you can be yourself. They are great listeners and are very compassionate towards their masters.

New friends

As a pet owner, you may find many opportunities to meet like-minded people who also love animals. You can meet new friends and discuss your pets at dog training classes, while walking your pet in the park or waiting at the veterinarian’s.


great exercise!

great exercise!



sweat it out!

sweat it out!

Weight loss

Since dogs need to be walked daily, they are a wonderful excuse to go for that daily walk you so badly need. Besides, walking your pet helps to improve your stamina and overall fitness levels. One study found that by walking their dogs for 20 minutes a day, five days a week, owners lost about fourteen pounds a year. Other pet-related activities like bathing, cleaning, playing and feeding it are also calorie burners and help you stay active.

Respect for life

So wonderful will be your experience with a pet that often you and your kids learn to be respectful of, and compassionate to all living beings. Research even suggests that children with pets at home are more selfless than their counterparts without one.



Family bond

Being apolitical, a pet promotes closer bonds between all family members. Indeed, families with a pet are happier with each other and more close-knit.

Ferocious Doberman - safe and loyal

Ferocious Doberman – safe and loyal

Safety and security

Once you bring a canine pet home, they are the un-appointed guards of your home and your family. They assume that position with ease and their loyalty is a priceless asset.

Purpose for elders

Looking after a pet can add meaning to the lives of the elders. To Take the effort to look after a pet or walk it regularly, gives them a feeling of purpose and fulfillment.





maltipoo - cute and showy

maltipoo – cute and showy

A nice hobby

If you train your pets to do tricks and care for it, it could be a great hobby to have. This is particularly true if you have a show animal as a pet.


Just spending time with pets eases stress levels and increases life-span.

General good health

The companionship of a pet is known to regulate high blood pressure and heart rate and reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Kids with pets develop tolerance for allergies and asthma. Watching the rhythmic movements of fish calms the nerves.


Before getting a pet:

Evaluate the financial implications and time that you can invest in caring for the pet. Note that different animals have different needs and expenses.

Make sure you take into account the basics such as professional medical care, quality food and appropriate habitat.

Besides dogs and cats, small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, turtles, goldfish and parrots are economical and require low maintenance.

Caution: If you’re eyeing exotic animals, be warned that it is illegal to keep as pet any animal, reptile or bird that is found in the wild.

Primates, venomous snakes and large cat among others are the most dangerous kind of animals for domestication.

Certain breeds of dogs like Pugs and Chihuahuas cannot adjust to certain climates; hence keeping them as pets is best avoided.



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