Being a Fool

Being a Fool


Fool's Gold

Fool’s Gold

What is the topic? Learn to be a fool or just being a fool?

Somebody who is not doing what the crowd does, what society does, somebody who goes his special way, you call him a crazy fool. No one wants to be a fool. We resist being a fool. Who would like to be a fool? All effort in life, in society, in education, is put into trying to be wise, trying not be a fool. Isn’t it? That means just being one among the crowd, just flowing with the crowd. If somebody raises his hand, you also raise your hand, not knowing for what.

You have something which you call social laughter. People laugh whether they understand the joke or not. They simply laugh. If you don’t laugh, people will think you are a fool or you are dull. So you laugh. It is said the Englishman laughs twice. Once he laughs for the social custom. When a joke is told,he simply laughs. And the second time he laughs at night when he understands the joke. But a German laughs only once because he will never understand the joke. Somebody from Israel never laughs because he does not know what a joke is. 🙂

The day fools disappear from this world, all your entertainment will be gone. Your TV stations will have to be closed down. Fools are the greatest source of entertainment in the world. They do something special, and you laugh. The “I Love Lucy” show is my all time favourite. If you saw someone really acting like that around you, somehwere in the house or in the town or in the neighbourhood, you would get mad at them. Fools keep you happy. Fools are very essential.

Einstein studied all his life. He bacame so wise. If God would have granted him another 100 years, he could have accomplished even more. God dosen’t seem to underatand it. He brings even more children into the world. It is bad economics, isn’t it?

Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Dreams!

Creation is continuing. There is no aim. There is no purpose. When somebody does something aimlessly, without any meaning, without any purpose, you call them a fool. We want to find a reason for everything, a purpose for everything. We want to analyze and understand everything. People even try to understand their dreams. What is the use? Whatever dream you have had, so what? Whether you are sitting on a horseback or on top of a train in your dream; whether you see a crow, duck or a mouse in your dream, what does it matter? Why do you waste so much time interpreting dreams, understanding dreams, trying to know something about dreams? We call ourselves wise because we want to understand. We want to do something only if we get something out of it.

A fool is somebody who does something and dosen’t get anything out of it.Their foolish acts, even those you can interpret into meaning and purpose, you see they do them without any purpose, without any meaning. Since childhood we have been told, “Don’t be a fool.” What is wrong with being a fool? What is wrong with standing alone, apart from the crowd? “Let the crowd act however it wants. I stand apart from that. I act my way.” A fool does something very unique, which is not accepted by others. All entertainment, including games, are foolish acts. Just think if a person from another planet, maybe Mars, visits Earth and watches Cricket. George Bernard Shaw said somehwere, “Cricket is a game where eleven fools play and eleven thousand watch.” It is true. All games are foolisg acts. A game is a game because it is foolish. If you find meaning, purpose, aim and competition, you destroy the whole game.

If you are not foolish in your life for some time if possible all the time, if not possible, at least some time – you miss your life. You miss the joy in life.

Fool's way to paradise

Fool’s way to paradise

Being aware of this impermanent nature of our life, the changing nature of happenings – you find that there is something in you that has not changed. There is a reference point by which you can say things are changing. Getting onto that reference point, that is the Being. That is the source of life. That is wisdom. A wise man is a fool. All wise men were called fools. Galileo was called a fool when he said the earth was moving around the sun.

A fool is one who is realxed, who is free, who is happy. He is not bothered about what he gains, whether material or spiritual or whatever. Nothing to gain, nothing to lose. A pure place of entertainment.


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