Faith Dissected

Faith Dissected

Faith… Every time the word is uttered, it is a purifying experience. And the more it is listened to, something within flowers, there is a shift in the feelings, there is a shift in the breath, there is a shift in the thoughts, there is a shift in the appearance of the physical body, there is a shift in perception, there is a shift in the energy within and without.

you've got to Faith it until you make it!

you’ve got to Faith it until you make it!

Is it a mere word then? ‘Faith’, they call it; but how do you explain what faith is? We search in various scriptures and books. Yet the explanations seem to be just the tip of the iceberg. It is a feeling then; it is an experience that has to be felt, that has to be experienced. In this journey, each time ‘Faith’ shall reveal a deeper meaning, it shall bestow a deeper experience.

There are times when faith doesn’t even find a part of our vocabulary. So busy are we with the toys of the world that we rarely even want to look in this direction. It is an unknown domain for us, which we are rather away from. Sometimes faith is a two-minute ritual for us, more of an obligation to be met when we stand in front of the altar. Faith is then constricted to the four walls of the church.

Faith matters

Faith matters

Sometimes we get intellectually so curious to know what faith actually is. From the dictionary to quotes of world leaders, to scriptures, we scan endlessly to find an apt definition of it. We continue our search till one fine day we realize that no amount of intellectual understanding can show us the true depth of faith.

There are times when we think that following certain practices, joining certain groups and observing certain holy days is faith. And it is believed that failing to do these rightly would be considered a sin and may result in severe consequences. Sometimes we operate out of fear, but claim that we operate out of faith, with the hope that we are avoiding the bad and unwanted.

At times we think that because we have faith, our life will see no challenges, there will be no testing times and everything will be a cakewalk. And then, life pulls and pushes us in various directions which are beyond our comprehension. And then we question our source of faith, we question our sincerity and at times we question faith itself. We bring in doubts, we wonder if all this faith that we hold onto does actually make any sense or whether it is yet another superstition?

search for faith within yourself

search for faith within yourself

While facing tough times we run from pillar to post in search of solace, in search of happiness, in search of our lost peace. And the more we search we come to understand that no matter what direction we go, everything is ultimately pointing us and leading us towards that one thing called faith. We realize that if only we’d held on a little longer the previous time, we would have saved ourselves from the turbulence that we went through emotionally and intellectually. One more time we begin our journey, one more time we want to lie down in the lap of faith, this time having a deeper understanding and deeper experiences.

There comes a time that we no more question faith, but faith questions us. And as we answer these questions we now begin to understand why faith is so purifying even to listen to. And there comes a time when it is no longer a part-time activity for us, but it slowly becomes a part of our being. There comes a time when integrity is no more an effort; when failure no more looks like doomsday, but feels like just another experience. There comes a time when rising once again after every fall is a joy accompanied by calmness rather than a struggle. There comes a time when we are so much at peace with ourselves that everything appears like a still lake.


The strength of the tree depends on the depth of the roots. Similarly to evolve higher immaturity, you need grow deeper in faith. Faith is the ability to trust what you are not able to see, the ability to believe what is not yet, the ability to accept as true that, which cannot be proven. Faith is not subject to verification. And if you want to verify, then it is not faith. Faith is beyond human judgment. Yet, it works; faith alone works.

It is not the object of faith, but faith itself that creates miracles. The object of faith is just incidental. So, the question isn’t “How powerful your ‘god’ is?” The question is “How powerful your ‘faith’ is?” Grow deeper and deeper in faith and you will reach higher and higher in life.




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