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Mindfulness Meditation…………..

Mindfulness Meditation…………..
Gautam Buddha - pioneer in 'Self' Awareness

Gautam Buddha – pioneer in ‘Self’ Awareness

Practices such as yoga, meditation, chanting help you bring some sense and balance to your life. But this is confined to a specific time. Indeed, one cannot be meditating or practicing yoga asanas all day long. Once you step out of the yoga class or conclude your meditation for the day, the marathon of your thoughts begins again. However, the home and workplace itself provides with ample opportunities to be ‘mindful’.

For many of us, daily chores become an opportunity to think about other things while doing them. We are so accustomed to doing these activities that we no longer need to be aware while doing them. So the key is to bring mindfulness to the most basic things that we do.

As you wake-up

When you start the day, with brushing your teeth, pay attention! How does the toothpaste taste? What temperature is the water? What sensations are you experiencing in your mouth? Notice your body posture; are you tensed over the sink? Experiment each day; with different aspects of your morning. Take those few moments of doing something ordinary and let it become something extraordinary. Even to appreciate the ease with which we do miraculous things like breathing, can assist us to take a Continue reading “Mindfulness Meditation…………..” »