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Glow Girl, Glow… Top Esthetician Secrets!

Glow Girl, Glow… Top Esthetician Secrets!

Get pink-cheeked pretty with these high-performance specialized facials that treat skin conditions too.

Gone are the days when facials were just a cleansing-massaging-pampering experience. Today, they are full-blown science-backed skincare regimens that resolve those niggling problems. Often these treatments are accompanied by a skin analysis by a dermatologist, followed by an appointment with the in-house doc at a medispa or a skin clinic. And whatever your needs, the treatments are custom-made for you. Your neighborhood parlor, though, is not going to be able to carry them out. Get the low down on some skin savers and zero down on the one most suited for you.

Pampered Skin - After an Ultrasonic Facial Peel

Pampered Skin – After an Ultrasonic Facial Peel


Ultrasonic Facial

This facial removes the outer layer of the skin for complete renewal. The treatment uses a probe-like device emanating low-frequency sound waves (like in that of an ultrasound) to activate the skin’s metabolism, preparing it for deep penetration of topical treatments and skincare products.

Who needs it: This facial improves blood circulation, lightens blemishes, acne scars, hyper pigmentation, and also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Good for all skin conditions, it is especially effective for those with sensitive skin, thin skin, acne, rosacea, burn marks, blackheads and whiteheads.


Derma Facial

Derma Facial


Polishing Peel Facial

This technique uses refined crystals that move in high velocity on the surface of the skin to exfoliate dead skin cells, blemishes and large pores. Called microdermabrasion, it smoothens and revitalizes complexion. A popular treatment in this genre is diamond polishing: the skin is polished with a diamond tip. Youth Fill therapy that includes microdermabrasion, micro-circulatory massage with argan oil and seaweed mask is an anti-ageing polishing facial for women above 30.

Who needs it: Diamond polishing removes acne scars, uneven skin tone and dark circles. It is great for normal to oily skin but is not meant for dry skin. Try it at a leading medispa or top skin clinics.


AHA Facial

Done with creams formulated with alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) or fresh fruit pulps, this facial rejuvenates skin by shedding old, sun-damaged surface skin cells. Banana is used for dry skin and orange for oily skin. AHAs present in fruits or products loosen glue-like substances that hold the surface skin cells to each other, therefore removing dead skin cells.

Who needs it: AHA acids are known for their potent anti-ageing effects. It unclogs pores leading to clear skin and is recommended for those prone to mild or hyper pigmentation and premature wrinkling. Other advantages include Continue reading “Glow Girl, Glow… Top Esthetician Secrets!” »