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Why are sports important for women?

Why are sports important for women?

Go Woman Go!

Lethargic, lazy, fatigued and don’t know why? Bouts of irritability streaming through your stressed mind? Envious of your neighbor, who despite being a mother of three, looks fit, happy and glows? There is hope and there is a journey. Once on it you’ll feel the youthfulness, freedom and the conviction to achieve anything.

Life today poses new demands on the modern day woman. Apart from taking care of the home and kids, you step out to fulfill your own dreams, career and professional life. You fight, adjust and overcome odds at almost every phase of your life, every age being a constant reminder of certain physical and mental changes – menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. At the same time you aspire to look and feel beautiful, and the only way to do it is to focus on a proper diet, exercise and lifestyle. Healthy eating patterns, rest, sleep, regular activity and sports can see you through the day, happy and healthy.

Maria Sharapova - ready for a forehand crosscourt winner

Maria Sharapova – ready for a forehand crosscourt winner

Importance of Sports

Well, they can improve efficiency at work, play or home. Regular physical activity in the form of running, swimming, cycling, etc, can reduce body fat and improve metabolism, which in turn would again aid in better calorie burning. The sense to achieve, play and get into a routine can contribute towards a better self-esteem and more confidence, thereby boosting your mental and emotional strength. Finally, and most importantly, any sport activity beats fatigue, boredom and laziness, thereby boosting stamina and energy to carry out daily chores.

It’s a proven fact, that if you look better, you feel better. Sports can help you achieve just that balance, and bridge the gap between boredom and fitness. You don’t even have to enroll yourself in Continue reading “Why are sports important for women?” »