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Metro Men – Style Shrink!

Metro Men – Style Shrink!

The one thing constant in the world of pants is change. Just when you think you’ve nailed a style, a new one pushes it firmly out of favor. In the Seventies you’d be silly to be seen in anything but flared bottoms; in the Eighties – pleated and baggy; the Nineties kept things straight and narrow and by the time the Noughties rolled around, you were modern and edgy if you owned a wardrobe full of skinnies. Today, proportions are changing again, and things are heading in the direction of roomy.

Men's Pants - dash of spice

Men’s Pants – dash of spice

Loose pants are all over the place and the latest collections all over are full of generously proportioned pants. Choose relaxed tailoring with eastern-inspired drapes or mix smart, fitted jackets with loose, flowing trousers. So, yes, volume is certainly back. As for the formal trousers, pleats work as well as the flat-front. Flat-fronts have always been around, most often seen on that wardrobe staple – khakis, and are also great for a more casual-contemporary vibe. Pleated trousers are a gentleman’s classic and traditionally considered Continue reading “Metro Men – Style Shrink!” »