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Real or Fake?

Real or Fake?
ha haha ..he he...ho.ho..hoho

ha haha ..he he…ho.ho..hoho

Real or Fake we all laugh. Importance of laughing is being communicated to us through several channels like media, television and famous spiritual leaders. In this busy world people are joining laughing clubs to maximize their life spans.The true prayer is laughing in the morning. Don’t just be laughing outside but from deep inside. The laughter comes from the center of our Being, from the core of our heart. Our belly is so full of laughter that the laughter permeates and comes out of every cell of our body. True laughter is true prayer.

Nature provides everything including laughter. When you laugh, nature also laughs with you. It echoes and resounds and that is really the true meaning of a worthy life. When things go well, everybody around laughs and takes part in it, but if everything falls apart and if you can still laugh, that is evolution and growth.

So there is nothing in life that is more worthy than your laughter. Never lose or trade it , whatsoever. Events come and go. Some are a little pleasant, some are unpleasant, but whatever happens, they all leave you untouched. There is some area deep in you that is left untouched. Hold on to that something that is Continue reading “Real or Fake?” »