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Stampede – Mix, Dont’ Match!

Stampede – Mix, Dont’ Match!

Walk in Style!!!

In a world of quick hugs and air kisses, we dont have time to stop and smell the lillies or jasmines.But every now and then, fashion gives us a fresh breath and a perfect excuse to do a double take. Big or small, skinny or heavy, all women love trendy accessories and shoes that ooze out the ‘X’ factor which make all the men stop and stare while the women turn green with envy. I am in Marketing with Social Media  class and this can be very helpful for all those bloggers who love the world of fashion and glamour.

If there was fashion interest all women share, it would most likely be Shoes..
For many of us, the love affair with footwear never ends, and with a good reason. Pumps and peep toes have been staples in every fashionable lady’s closet for ages. Jewelled shoes are getting hotter and hotter day by day and women shop till they drop to get as many pairs as they can. Shoes can never be enough and women conveniently find the right time to make use of all the pairs. Animal prints, cute metal tipped pointed heels, white and gold fringed brogues are a big hit among the ladies.

1960’s fashion statement of matching your outfit with your shoes is long gone. It’s all about the contrast and how bold can you get with color combinations. Steer clear of the matching brigade and it is okay to co-ordinate some parts of your outfit like the shoes and the belts, but having your entire look fom the same color palatte is a major fashion disaster and it is high time to re-vamp your look. Drawing that thin line of difference between fashionable and the not-so-fashionable is not a cake walk but blending in a Continue reading “Stampede – Mix, Dont’ Match!” »