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Glamaholic Men… accessorize the right way !

Glamaholic Men… accessorize the right way !

Men, men and men…cant live with them or without them. Edgy accessories like bow ties to chelsea boots can make every man a clooney in no time 😉

Bow tie - Derby attire with a pop of style

Bow tie – Derby attire with a pop of style


These stylish and upbeat bow ties are the dandy’s version of the skinny tie. And the best part is a ‘tux is not mandatory’.

Keep It Classic: To all the men, know that a subtly dotted bow tie with a tuxedo is error-proof.

model wrapped up in a sexy bow tie

model wrapped up in a sexy bow tie

Shine On: A silk lacquered bow tie adds zing to a formal ensemble.

Play It Up: Contrast bold patterns to always make a statement.

Focus Point: Make the bow tie the loudest part of your look. Pair a colorful one with an all-white or all-black ensemble.

Stunning Ryan Gosling with an edgy contrast.

Stunning Ryan Gosling with an edgy contrast.

Tone on Tone: Keep it cool with a same color bow tie as the shirt.

Pattern Profiles: Include patterns of varied sizes like: stripes, gingham, plaid, dot, paisley, houndstooth and herringbone etc.



Sleeker and more modern than ever, the Chelsea boot works just as well with a suit as it does with beat-up jeans.

The right pair of pants is key

Wear pants with a narrow bottom, so that the pants sit tight, just a little way up the leg of the boot. You need to see just enough of the elastic gusset to know it’s a Chelsea boot – otherwise it just looks like a very plain shoe.

Chelsea boots  - every man should own one of these

Chelsea boots – every man should own one of these

Invest in shoe trees

They help shoes keep their shape and also stop them from cracking because the leather doesn’t crease as Continue reading “Glamaholic Men… accessorize the right way !” »



Choosing the right flooring can be a daunting task. First, there’s the mind-boggling array of options. Then, there’s the fact that floors make an enormous visual impact on your interiors. On top of that, you have to consider the punishing wear and tear they’ll be subjected to. So you have to decide what kind of flooring will best suit your home’s style and practical needs.

Before you get started, know what’s available in the market, so you get a fair idea of the price points, the finishes and the brands on offer. You can even refurbish your floors without going through the hassle of breaking up the existing layer and installing something new. Simply opt for tile on tile options that you can lay out on the existing surface.

Your choice should depend on a number of factors, like the room’s specific requirements for moisture proof, non-slip, scuff proof, water resistant or another specific type of floor. Consider the traffic that the room experiences – you must consider the durability before you make your choice. Opt for large slabs/tiles for your living areas. This will help lend an expansive feel to your home. Darker colors can look dirty sooner than lighter ones – while unusual colors like blues, pinks and greens add punch.

Wood & Laminate

Woody Wood

Woody Wood

Machined from pieces of timber, wood flooring is available today in a wide range of widths and thickness. It has a life of almost 40 years with the option of polishing every 10 years, which makes it an Continue reading “Flooring” »