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Fighting Fatigue During Pregnancy

Fighting Fatigue During Pregnancy

Fatigue can be an early pregnancy symptom. One of the biggest complaints about the first trimester is how tired you feel. Sleeping sickness is another common problem encountered. Of course, one of the rookie mistakes that most pregnant women make is to slow down and get the rest that they need. Ensure you have the luxury of time, fewer demands, a regular exercise routine and good nutrition to get you through. Listen to your body and rest when requested. Check out these secrets for fending off feelings of exhaustion when you’re expecting and get the rest you and your baby deserve.

Tired and stressed out during pregnancy

Fatigue and stress during pregnancy

Fatigue is common

Most women experience increased weariness during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Don’t worry. It’s a perfectly normal stage. Generally it occurs because your body is working overtime making a new human life. Hormonal changes, particularly increasing levels of progesterone, cause the body to slow down and feel tired. Any nausea or vomiting can also significantly sap energy. If tiredness persists into the Continue reading “Fighting Fatigue During Pregnancy” »