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Jeweled Coffers

Jeweled Coffers
textures all the way!

textures all the way!

You can be happy, when your personal style is reflected in your space. With the new year here, there’s a lot to look forward to. Lush greens, dancing palms, buds plump with life, colors waiting to explode…get the drift? Translate this burst of life into your indoors and give it a look that’s yours and yours alone.

Texture is only second to the immediate impact of color. In our books, it is just as important in terms of what it contributes to the feel of your room. Sensual and tactile, textural fabrics add a sense of comfort. The term ‘texture’ usually describes the way light plays on the surface of a fabric. Shiny or silky cloths reflect light, making the surface look brighter, so they are often used to make a space seem larger. In contrast rough-hewn weaves absorb light, and can create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. When combined with color, texture can be used to add a sense of luxury.

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The ABC of Interior Design

The ABC of Interior Design


To make a statement. To make it count. And to create a look that stands out.

home accents - chrome antique bronze chandelier.

home accents – chrome antique bronze chandelier.

Accent pieces can be an eye catcher amidst your regular décor elements,

if you can make the look work. For one, an accent piece does for a space what a tie does for a suit – it completes it, gives it definition and throws the rest of your space in beautiful relief so that anyone who walks in can enjoy all of it without missing anything out.The whole point of an accent piece is to make it stand out and create drama in the space. By that, you could interpret it as contrast, variant or the complete opposite of the general scheme of things in your room. As long as you focus on the ‘making it stand out’ bit, you’ll do fine.

Some of our favorite and never-failing accent pieces

Ottomans and chaise longues

Mirrors and mirror-finished furniture

Chandeliers and dramatic floor lights

Centre tables, Rugs and ornate and Continue reading “The ABC of Interior Design” »