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Vintage Designs

Vintage Designs

How does one revive a vintage style in a way that caters to present-day sensibilities? The trick is to find the balance in an eclectic mix of the modern and the golden all-timers, for a look that is as lovely as it is comfortable. An older, more traditional look doesn’t have to mean too over the top. Just combine a few vintage or vintage-inspired pieces with newer and modern accessories or furniture. You’ll be left with an eclectic vintage look, a step towards having everything you want from different times and eras, leaving a lasting impact on the present. Elegant long-drawn curtains sweeping the floor or old sofas upholstered in an intricately patterned fabric can also be used. The idea is to keep the romance alive with pretty molded tables and chairs. Textures have precedence with time-treasured favorites such as velvet and satin.

classic vintage designs

classic vintage designs


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The ABC of Interior Design

The ABC of Interior Design


To make a statement. To make it count. And to create a look that stands out.

home accents - chrome antique bronze chandelier.

home accents – chrome antique bronze chandelier.

Accent pieces can be an eye catcher amidst your regular décor elements,

if you can make the look work. For one, an accent piece does for a space what a tie does for a suit – it completes it, gives it definition and throws the rest of your space in beautiful relief so that anyone who walks in can enjoy all of it without missing anything out.The whole point of an accent piece is to make it stand out and create drama in the space. By that, you could interpret it as contrast, variant or the complete opposite of the general scheme of things in your room. As long as you focus on the ‘making it stand out’ bit, you’ll do fine.

Some of our favorite and never-failing accent pieces

Ottomans and chaise longues

Mirrors and mirror-finished furniture

Chandeliers and dramatic floor lights

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