Work the Look !

Work the Look !


A grand opening

There are treatments and designs today that will transform your entrance from ordinary to extraordinary. For the home owner whose abode faces buildings on all sides, expansive, foldable doors ensure privacy, even as they create a seamless floor plan. Besides, they act as a clever screen between two large areas and, you can even increase the style quotient with unique door patterns.

Use steel, the malleable nature of which makes it great to work with. Be it straight laced, curvy patterns or even abstract art, the possibilities are endless. And textures can differ too. Importantly, the finish you give your overall entrance should ideally highlight all the hard work that’s gone into the door design.




double doors with glass

double doors with glass

Steely resolve

Work with glass-paneled doors for that lovely old world charm. Red, blue, green, yellow… a wide spectrum of colors will work. Brick walls and high ceilings will accentuate the look. Use a simple door frame to bring the look together.

The ring door design is strikingly bold and will inspire even the most traditional of mindsets. Perforated steel sheets also look lovely on a sliding door.





The sight of fireplaces can bring back sweet and nostalgic memories of families gathering around the living room when the weather is just too cold for outside activities. Fireplaces are indeed functional but most often; they are also constructed for aesthetic purposes.

raging fire in a soothing ambience

raging fire and soothing water

Nothing spells coziness like a warm and intimate reading corner set against a fireplace. Make sure you make the most of the space with cozy furnishings. Deck it up in the colors of your choice, and adorn it with photographs, interesting accessories like candle stands and travel mementos. This will help in personalizing your space. The traditional options like the marble or brick fireplaces are essentially architectural additions and have their own allure. However, if you have an extremely contemporary décor, it makes sense to go for mobile electrical fireplaces.


To make life simpler at home invest in some electronics such as vacuum cleaner, washer, dryer, light bulbs, lamps, mobile induction plate, coffee maker etc. pick your gadgets based on your requirements and your budget. The warranty period should be another deciding factor.

Your gadgets will survive longer if you keep them dry and away from dust. Use feather brushes to clean folds and crevices, and insert a few silicon sachets on the shelves when you stow them away.


You can make the planet a healthier living space by lessening your carbon footprint. Use products that are pure, sustainable, environment friendly, with respect for the ecosystem and embrace naturally occurring materials – recycled or manufactured – with concern for the conservation of what’s natural. Ceiling radiant heating and cooling is pretty new to the American market but it has been extensively used in the Europe for several years now. It’s high energy efficiency is no match to anything available. This is not an evolution but it is a revolution 🙂
Some of the builders for eco-friendly homes are going with turnkey options to provide a healthy and naturally balanced environment.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Avoid plastic. Screen –printed fabrics, sofa coverings and dining chairs of natural textures like linen, silk and cotton woven into dramatic weaves and embossed abstracts that go with the ‘now’ appeal of natural stones, woods, even slate for floor is ‘au courant’. Opt for experimental furniture pieces produced from widely-available. Low-cost recycled materials like reclaimed timber harvested from fallen trees or drift wood or recycled paper and reclaimed wood products, water hyacinth.

Bamboo is being used extensively in flooring and furniture in an attempt to save the environment. Products like hand-made recycled glass and even eco-friendly leather tiles made from recycled leather, natural rubber, and acacia tree back are great considering they have very low volatile organic compounds.

You can also replace all sources of artificial lighting during the day with more windows, letting in more natural light.





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