Live Life King Size….

Live Life King Size….

“Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen”.


cozy and complete !

cozy and complete !

As the most private room in your house, bedrooms demands special attention. Did you know that the average person spends up to a third of their life in bed? This fact alone is enough to emphasize the importance of creating a well-planned and relaxing space in which to sleep. However, few people have the luxury of being able to allocate a room to just sleeping or accommodating a bed. Today, most bedrooms must at least provide a dressing area and storage space for clothes, and some do more – doubling as an office space, private living room or, in the case of children, playroom. Ensuring that all these additional needs are catered for, and that the room is still a relaxing and soothing place to be, can be a challenging task. But smart planning and ergonomic furniture options will make it a lot easier for you.

Coordinated Chic

Go for a simple but coordinated look. This will lend a more cohesive look to your bedroom.

Lush tactile fabrics, deep-pile rugs are important for introducing a sense of comfort.

It also makes sense to invest in the best quality of bedding possible.

Display photographs as it adds a personal touch.

Bedroom Rescues

Sort out storage for seasonal clothing: Avoid an overflowing wardrobe by creating an easily accessible and organized storage for seasonal clothes. The lofts, space above a wardrobe or under the bed are ideal spots.

Brighten up a dull headboard: Make a simple, new cover by cutting a piece of fabric 15 cm larger (on all sides) than the headboard. Lay the fabric on the floor, printed-side down, and place the headboard face down on top. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the back.

Clean the windows: Dirt-free windows allow more natural light to enter a room. Mix one part vinegar with four parts water and clean with a cloth, then buff with crumpled newspaper.

Make some fragrant drawer liners: Wallpaper offcuts make great drawer liners. Add lavender oil to ward off moths and keep your clothes fresh.


purple haze - ideal king size bed

purple haze – ideal king size bed

Invest in the best quality king size bed possible. Opt for a bed that is at least 15 cm longer than you and, ideally, at least 150 cm wide for two people. Nowadays, the standard double bed (135 cm) is generally considered too small to allow two people to sleep in comfort.The bed is the focal piece of furniture in the room, so the style chosen and the way its dressed will have a large impact on the way the room looks.The bedroom being the coziest place in the whole house, and the bed being the focal point in your bedroom, make sure that it makes a strong design statement. Buy readymade headboards, styles range from rattan and timber, to upholstered that are designed to be fixed to the bed or mounted to the wall behind the bed. From a four-poster bed for a rustic look, to a clean-lined one for a contemporary décor, the style of your bed will determine the look of your bedroom.


Adequate storage is essential for a cozy bedroom. If space allows, then a separate walk-in dressing room is ideal. List all the items that need to be kept in the space and be ruthless when planning clothes storage. Give away any items that are never worn. Consider storing those items used only occasionally in another area of the home, or out of the way at the top of the wardrobe with bold colors used for an added punch. However, this no longer need be a trend, as you can just as easily use lighter-toned furnishings as accentuating points atop bolder colors. Update your interiors by using slipcovers for your couches, love seats and armchairs. Consider using fabrics that are washable and durable.


Twice as Nice

Be imaginative with storage and make good use of otherwise wasted space by putting up a shelf-and-peg and buying under-bed drawers.Opt for versatile furniture pieces. Apart from free-standing shelves, you could invest in beds, ottomans and benches with storage spaces. If space is a constraint, opt for clean-lined furniture to give a clutter-free look.

Carpets – Style Underfoot

Black Dumroo Rug - gives this bedroom a facelift.

Black Dumroo Rug – gives this bedroom a facelift.

Carpets can give your room an instant facelift. The market is flush with many options. For versatile flooring options, carpets are the easiest choice you can opt for. The important choices to look at are the texture, color, pattern and print. Use carpets and floor rugs strategically to demarcate and separate one area from another in a large room. Keep your theme and colors in mind when selecting your carpet. An informal space looks its best when infused with bright colors and contrasts.The size of the design needs to be directly proportional to the size of the room. For a more formal appearance, carpets in soft, pale or rich colors look neat.