Fab Finds …….

Fab Finds …….

Few of my favorite things which add a personal touch!


glossy glassware

glossy glassware

Yes, entertaining is about great food, fabulous décor and of course, high spirits. But more often than not, we tend to neglect the glassware. However, it makes a lasting impression. So get a style-high with a pick of deliciously intoxicating glassware. You can take your pick from elegant wine flutes, majestic whisky glasses and funky beer mugs. Make sure that your glassware befits your precious spirits. And when you aren’t entertaining, make an interesting display out of your cherished collection of glasses.


built -in hobs

built -in hobs


Hobs are those devices in your kitchen that’ll help you serve up that sumptuous fare to perfection. If you’re contemplating getting a new hob for your kitchen, there is a wide variety available today, right from ceramic variants to induction hobs to gas and electric plate hobs. All hobs serve the same basic purpose – heating the cooking pan. However, with the refining of technology today, numerous models with multitude features are being made available to enhance the cooking experience. Make the right decision for your kitchen by understanding the different types of hobs and heat sources.

Induction hobs are super efficient since they only heat the plate and by that are more efficient. Hobs are used more frequently in comparison to even the oven, and so picking the right hob for your kitchen is critical. There is no standard size for hobs, given that people have kitchens of all shapes and sizes today. Generally most hobs comprise four burners on a rectangular panel 60 cm wide by 50 cm deep. Make sure there is sufficient room on the worktop.

Pros and Cons

Ceramic hobs are easy to clean but the heat distribution is better with the gas hob.

While ceramic hobs are quick, safe and efficient, induction hobs are expensive, noisy and need a special pan.

Electric plate hobs are inexpensive, but gas is more popular.



Floral patterns, even flowers make for delicate and pretty add-ons to your home. Try incorporating floral patterns in your décor scheme and we’re certain you’ll love the transformation. Bring in the theme with a floral table cloth, a set of beautiful place mats and napkins, or table ware, but choose just one of these to bring out the best. Upholstering is the key to achieving the perfect look – think well and make your choice, it’s the investment that will make or break your look. For your walls, its great to dress them with floral patterns, try wallpaper, stenciling or area stickers to get the desired effect. The easiest way to give a bedroom a theme is to get hold of the right linen. If you treat the walls of your room with wallpaper, the effect will be hundred folds higher.

Use inexpensive flowers for the natural fresh feel that only nature can provide and enjoy the visual treat. Sparkle in a few pinks and dress up your window in dreamy white sheers – is all you ever needed for that perfect living room. Add chic-looking furniture to give a pretty contemporary twist.

Fanciful   Team florals with solids or marry them with more florals.

Team pretty floral motifs with colorful stripes. The look is distinctly French. Make the most of fresh flowers.

Frame a selection of floral fabrics as they make for interesting wall art.


scented candles

scented candles


Think lavender, lemongrass, frangipani and the first thing that comes to mind is that heavenly aroma. That lovely stimulating and refreshing fragrance that puts you to ease and calms your senses. Infuse your home with your favorite aroma, and you’ll see how well it adds to your state of well-being.

Potpourri - Roses and Mosses !

Potpourri – Roses and Mosses !

We recommend you add a few incense sticks or scented candles for the best effect. Even potpourri or spices can work wonders the key to an aromatic home is choosing the right fragrance. So pick from floral to musty to woody fragrances, depending on the kind of mood you want to set in your house.

You don’t have to spend much to make your house smell pleasant. Dig into your kitchen shelves for those spices and herbs; the right combination can make an excellent aromatic potpourri for your home towels. Make sure you don’t have any smoke or scent-induced allergies. Don’t simply go by what others say. Try it for yourself.



parrot green jars

Jars – life and color in the room


If you collect jars, you’re in for a treat. From size and color to shape, form and texture there’s just so much to choose from. Jars are the one-stop solution for smart, recycled storage options. Used mainly for storage what’s unique about them is that they are also a collectors’ item. We love jars for their utility quotient. They are multi-functional when it comes to storing things in them. They work for decorative purposes as well – prop a few fresh flowers in a jar and place it on your centre table for some life and color in the room.


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