If Walls could talk?

If Walls could talk?
ray of color!

ray of color!

There’s a saying in the design world that every wall is a blank canvas. But if your walls have been looking just a little too, well, blank lately, it’s time to give it an update. Wall treatments will transform your walls in a jiffy. Unexpected textures, materials, bold and vibrant colors, patterns, wall tiles and mosaics, there’s a lot on offer for the home owner as opposed to just paints and wallpapers. Playing with the wall surface creates a more dynamic space. When there’s something unexpected on the walls, the room achieves a more layered look that draws the eye around. The best wall designs don’t fade into the background, but make a room a work of art.

Walls of fame: Huge flowers, wide stripes and other bodacious motifs provide instant atmosphere. In small spaces, the right oversized pattern will erase boundaries, diminishing angles and corners so the room seems bigger than it is. Go in for sculptured designs. So, even as you keep the clutter in check, you will create a décor statement.

flaming hot!

flaming hot!

Wallpaper is a popular decorating alternative to painting your walls. Rolls of wallpaper are available in so many designs, there’s sure to be something to suit every taste and color scheme. They are a durable, inexpensive decorating solution that will instantly add impact to your home. The surface finish on your wallpaper will dictate where best to use it in your home. Vinyl-coated wallpapers are a great solution for kitchen or bathroom walls. They are treated with acrylic vinyl so can withstand humidity for long periods of time. They’re durable too and easy to clean. Coated fabric wallpapers have a thin layer of fabric on the surface and are the ultimate in luxury. Perfect for a dramatic dining room or to add grandeur to a living room, they often come in large, statement prints. Paper-backed vinyl wallpapers have a layer of paper with a decorative vinyl surface. They are great for hallways or areas of high traffic, as they are easy to clean and can withstand humidity. Fabric-backed vinyl wallpapers are extremely durable and are suitable for all conditions. They are made from layers of fabric laminated with a layer of solid vinyl.

Go Glam: The surface finish on your wallpaper will decide where best to use it in your home. Be bold, be imaginative! Choose larger-than-life patterns to create a stunning accent wall.


Today, paint is available to suit every style and surface, right from ultra-matt, wipe-clean paints, one-coat varieties, smart paint for walls, wood and metal, textured top coats to add that luster to plain walls, etc. Let your wall be on your canvas. Create an accent with one or many colors. You should also let your walls and furniture romance with colors. For an instant furniture revamp, you could give an old chest of drawers a new lease of life by painting it in different shades.


a night in the woods!

a night in the woods!

Wall stencils are an inexpensive way to update your walls. Try lime green against staid gray for a stunning impact.

For wooden cabinets, use paint that is tougher than emulsion.

Be eco-friendly, use water based paints, as you won’t need to use turpentine.

Use chalkboard paint in your child’s room to help hone their skills.

Refresh the look for a plain wall, by painting it with colors that match your décor.


It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint, a dash of polish or even reupholstering can do to your seemingly old and worn out pieces of furniture. In fact, it is a great, cost effective solution for your low-budget refurbishing projects. While you must seek professional help to restore the older, more antique pieces, you could give the newer ones a personal try. You will surely enjoy the experience.

To give tired old furniture a new lease of life, make small changes and ensure a big impact. Rub and paint the old furniture for a new look. If you like the distressed look, varnish the piece after rubbing it down. Contrasting elements will add loads of depth and texture to your décor. Work with them for a brilliant transformation.

Restore with paint

Painting furniture has emerged as something of a rage today. Its cost effective nature coupled with some fantastic results makes it a must try for worn out pieces.

Prep the surface of your furniture by removing all hardware and drying it thoroughly.

Patch the holes, if necessary, with plastic wood or wood fillers.

Use sand paper to rub off the glossy finish and roughen up the surface.

If you want to avoid brush strokes, try working with spray paint. Let it dry. Apply a second coat if necessary.

Protect your painted surfaces with water-based lacquer or polyurethane. Let it dry overnight and then reattach your hardware.

If paint is not an option, use polish. Your furniture surfaces will gleam with that fresh coat of polish.


Upholstery revival

Don’t throw away that super comfy armchair with its tattered upholstery. Give it a dash of color and life with some bright new fabric. Plus it’s a great DIY experience.

upholstered to its best!

upholstered to its best!

Choose your fabric: Choose upholstery-quality fabric and not regular fabric. It is more durable and will stand the test of time. Don’t stick to conventions. Browse flea markets, antique shops and even local handicraft exhibitions. They are perfect for interesting finds.

Your arsenal: Upholstery pins, hammers, staple guns and webbing stretcher. Professional help will always ensure a better finish.

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