Blogapalooza – Fashion Fever!

Blogapalooza – Fashion Fever!

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Blogs and Blogging was initially exposed to me through my Professor while attending the Marketing with Social Media class. It piqued my interest immensly as he had the right attitude and mojo and made the class very interactive.

Learning about what to write and thinking about what category of people would search for was our first task. This gave me an opportunity to write my views about the creme de la creme of fashion and learning how to look and feel good.How the site looks and using powerful wording to keep the visitors interested is a very challenging task. Content should be inviting for the visitors and we have anywhere from 3-10 seconds to grab their attetion to our blogs. Marketing through blogging is not just writing about what you feel like but what can cause good amount of traffic and what can make your postings be heard and talked about. Our Professor has given us some starting tips and taught us very patiently on how we can make our blogs more commercial in the market. This is easier said than done. I am very excited and eager to make this learning experience a neat ride and maybe achieve my goal of starting an online company some day. Marketing through social media involves numerous people and this can open gateways from any part of the world. Networking also is a key component is spreading the word about our blogs. Being committed to what you do and writing quality content are vital about blogging which was communicated in the class.

This may sound like a no brainer to begin with but it does require good amount of time and work. I am all prepped to start blogging and begin picking my brain and unleashing all my thoughts on stylish lifestyle. Marketing with Social Media Class is giving us the right motivation to be creative and write innovative postings.


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