Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

The Last Leg of Winter

Before spring sets in, bid adieu to winter in style. Getting yourself a new collection is a good way to goad you into being creative and inventive with your wardrobe. It persuades you to combine the new with the old, function with style and playfulness with looking good. To take away the seriousness of a work wear blazer, you can’t team it with running shoes and jeans. Or breathe new life into iconic wardrobe staples from the 1970s and 80s like the sweat shirt, acid jeans and leather jacket in a manner that makes them look contemporary chic. The underlying theme for this season should be about smart pairing and intelligent layering. That way every item in your wardrobe acquires multiple lives, depending on the occasion and season; morning or evening, winter or spring, office or party, brunch or dinner. Style at the end of the day is about feeling good about yourself. And to do just that, make up a rich collection of separates, shoes, bags and watches.

Peak Winter essentials for skiing.

Peak Winter essentials for skiing.


The Parka

This hooded jacket sits well on a relaxed pair of jeans. You can sport an olive green jacket and a brown shirt for a military inspired look. It will keep you warm and is perfect for travel, paired with tracks and a short sleeve cotton shirt. They are ideally used by winter sports enthusiasts for skiing.

Parkha Jackets for winter

Parkha Jackets for winter

The Leather Jacket

Not just for bikers and metal heads, the leather jacket over the years has come a long way and become a part of every young man’s wardrobe. Choose a sleek leather jacket with a trim fit, some well-considered pockets and a shorter length. Pair it with a polo shirt, light denim jeans and sneakers, and you are set for the evening.

The Sweatshirt

From its Ivy League origins, the sweatshirt has come a long way as an essential component of casual dressing. Best worn with tracks or jeans, make sure you wear it with a shirt inside. Tuck in the edges of the collar to make a statement. Sweatshirts are also the preferred choice for athletes during workouts.

The Running Shoes

Running shoes are not only for running anymore. They are an essential accessory when it comes to dressing, paired with jeans and a nice pair of shorts. You can choose from a range of running shoes for either pounding the treadmill or the streets. A petrol colored pair would be completely functional at a gym or an evening jog. The latest crop of available running shoes are more customized than ever, which includes cushioning and thermal wear to keep you safe and warm when running outdoors.

The Acid Washed Jeans

This eighties standard never goes out of fashion. Acid washed denim might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but rolled-up over a pair of boots and worn with a full-sleeve tee or a plain white shirt; they make for an edgy fashion statement. These are available in a range of colors, with navy and black being the most popular. They come in different styles such as tapered leg, short lengths and regular with zippers up the side or on the back and produce a faded, worn appearance.

The Tartan Shirt

Tartan shirts have moved out of the wilderness and are now preferred even by the urban men. This grunge staple lends itself to various permutations and combinations in a wardrobe. The oversized version can be worn unbuttoned, combined with a tee and jeans. They are dreamy and when worn right, have their own attitude and style.

Tartan Shirts - worn by both men and women

Tartan Shirts – worn by both men and women

The Two Button Blazer

This legendary jacket is more versatile than you think. It is a universal standard as it complements most builds and classic as it never goes out of style. After a hard day of formal meetings where you wore it with a tie and chinos, you are all set for an evening out by combining the blazer with a printed tee, jeans and boots.

winter wear - two button blazer

winter wear – two button blazer

The Graphic Tee

Making a statement has never been so easy as it has been with a graphic tee. Whether it is popular faces, cut-paste graphics or brush strokes on a comfortable fabric, the design reveals the inner you. They are not only comfortable in style, but also exciting in design. You can choose from a number of popular and fashionable brands with a classic fit and impressive design.

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