Tying Times for the Fashion Forward

Tying Times for the Fashion Forward


“A well tied tie is a first serious step in life” – Oscar Wilde

knot too skinny !

knot too skinny !

One simple accessory that totally changes a man’s look is a tie. This has resulted in more and more men opting for ties as it reflects a part of their personality. When matching your tie and your shirt, remember to keep it subtle and simple. Keep it minimalistic rather than fusing too many patterns. Here’s how one can take their look from passable to polished.

Choose a tie that compliments your look. It should look great on its own as well as fit in with the rest of the outfit effortlessly. The width and the length are of primary importance. Ties tied with a dimple in it is like an icing on the cake but not always true, as we have some fashion experts who claim that tie well tied can still look perfect without a dimple as the finishing touch.The width should be neither too thin nor too wide. As for the length, for a more formal look, opt for a waist length tie and a short length one for casual outings. A contrast works well and looks striking but not everybody can carry it off. A beige suit with a purple tie is super hot but not for everyone. So you can go for a monochrome pairing which makes it look sophisticated and yet gets you noticed. When you are opting for a tie bar or a tie clip, make sure you choose a slim bar for a slim tie and a wide bar foe a wide tie. There are over a dozen ways to tying a tie. So master the art in any which way as tying a tie to perfect detail makes all the difference and is very important.

Cufflinks & Others

cuffs and cufflinks...

cuffs and cufflinks…

Another accessory making waves for the men is cufflinks. Adding whimsy to the wrists of otherwise conservatively dressed lawyers and bankers has made cufflinks a major accessory business. Some of Carter’s motley collection of cufflinks are adorned with spiders, skulls and pin-up girls with strategically placed crystals. Another pair of cufflinks, at first glance, sports what appears to be an innocuous illustration out of a children’s book. However on closer introspection, you realize that the pairing of a rooster and a cat has bawdier implications. A pair of his most famous ones is shaped like Aspirins and actually unscrew so you can carry the real pills around.

Making a big return on the fashion scene is the tie bar. The latest ones are slim and way cooler than the ones previously used. Also making a return is the collar clip – a piece of men’s jewellery that passes under the neck tie knot and holds the collar together. Even the leather wristbands are going mainstream. A lot of younger guys under 25 want to wear wristbands, so it’s a potentially huge market.

Most of the men are conservatively dressed, the world over. Gentlemen, remember that this season the key is not to shy away but be bold. You need to take that risk and now.


Waist Management

In its traditional context, a three piece suit is called so because it’s cut from the same cloth.  It’s the most formal kind of suit, long the favorite of dandies and Wall Street bankers. However, recent years have witnessed the growth in popularity of what we call the more personalized three-piece-look, where the waistcoat is cut from a different fabric than the jacket and trousers. The results can be quite distinctive. The thing to remember, though, is to keep it all in the same family of color tones. Play with textures or patterns instead: Think a macro-check grey waistcoat with a micro-check grey suit; a pencil-stripe waistcoat with a pinstripe suit; a black sateen waistcoat with a midnight-blue evening suit. You can even choose to wear a cardigan or sweater vest in lieu of the waistcoat. However, if you’re really daring and spontaneous, go right ahead with striking contrasts and clashing patterns.