Summer Style for the Senor !

Summer Style for the Senor !

It is officially the season for upping your style game. Be the dapper gentleman you have always wanted to be by stocking up with these sweltering summer necessities.


It’s a scorching summer again and what better time than now to whip out those cools sunglasses. There are different styles and frames that circle the fashion radar, but no pair is as cool as the aviator. These metal-rimmed sunnies ooze that cool-dude appeal that everyone wants.

Classic pair of aviators never goes out of style.

Classic pair of aviators never goes out of style.


This weather might drain you out, but that is still no excuse to shy away from sporting formal clothes. Remember, your boardroom meetings require you to be at your dapper best. Pair a lightweight suit with an equally lightweight cotton tie.


Who said festive colors are meant only for the ladies? There is nothing sexier than a man who can exude sex appeal in a pair of bright swimming trunks. The lively colors and the bold prints will definitely make a few heads turn. Don’t forget to take a dunk in the pool while wallowing in all the attention.

Do: Make sure your trunks come up to your mid-thigh and no longer.

Don’t: Please wear those speedos unless you have the physique of an athlete.



This 30’s crowning jewel has found its way back into the realm of fashionable footwear – yes, the boat shoe is back. You don’t have to be the blue-blooded sailor anymore to carry off this yacht staple; thanks to brands like Sebago and Timberland, it is now at the top of every gentleman’s “it” list. Ditch the whites and browns and pick something sprightly like tri-tone colors, neon soles or stripped patterns.

Do: Team them with a pair of knee-length shorts or fitted jeans.

Don’t: Never ever wear them with socks.

Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes



One of the best things about summer is that it gives you a chance to relive your favorite era of fashion. The retro singer tee is perfect for this weather. The single solid color with the collar and sleeve bands of a contrasting color is understated, yet it exudes a sporty aura. Long sleeved ringers are disastrous, the sleeve is meant to be short.


In summers, no number of cotton shirts is enough. Simple, solid colored cotton shirts are a blessing to your body in this relentless heat, not to mention how comfortable and practical they are for all kinds of occasions.


Nothing spells ‘cool’ like a well-fitted pair of short pants. Especially when worn with a buttoned-down shirt and stylish loafers. It is the most appropriate attire for a sophisticated brunch as well as a casual movie date. Give the mundane khaki shorts a break though; be game for some adventure, like a pair of printed shorts.

lux totes

lux totes


Traveling during summer is always associated with beach destinations – rucksacks and canvas bags can make it to the actual beach but they don’t quite cut it if you want to travel in style. Invest in a luxury duffle bag to pack your essentials for a weekend getaway.



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