Revamp your beauty with Gel-based Make-up!!!

Revamp your beauty with Gel-based Make-up!!!

Forget your trusty, old loot and restock your vanity case with this new beauty booty. Revamp your beauty bag with power products, invest in bright make-up colors, slick up sexy oils and hit the fragrance counter for new floral scents.

Matte Nail-Polish

This year sees a definite shift in nails with drugstore and high-end brands bringing out matte enamels.

Why it works: The reason for this is because a lot of bright make-up is au courant; a matte finish on nails prevents the look from going over the top. You can use the matte texture on the entire nail and a shiny polish in the same hue just on the tips, for a reverse French manicure.

Matte nail shades

Matte nail shades

Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipstick has been around for a while but has been shelved into the gloss category because of it’s in between textures. Today’s products move way ahead with vivid color and soft, long-lasting wear.

Why it works: You can use them because they provide bright color and a variety texture, and unlike traditional matte lipsticks, they feel supremely hydrating.

blood red liquid lipstick

blood red liquid lipstick

Long-Lasting Gloss

For years women have worn and enjoyed gloss with a single gripe: it doesn’t last. Of late, all that is changing with luxury brands upping the silicone content of their lip glosses.

Why it works: This product is manna from heaven, as it lacks the stickiness of traditional gloss, so your hair doesn’t stick to it. While Estee Lauder has a thicker gloss that sticks on and stays, YSL’s Vernis a Levres employs a long-lasting glossy stain.

Gel-based Make-up

This texture is gaining popularity because it is so malleable.

Why it works: It lacks the heaviness of a cream and isn’t as dry as a powder. It spreads easily, staining skin for a long time. It’s especially good for when you just want a veil of color on your face or if you have oily skin. Now the texture is everywhere – lipsticks, blushers and shadows. Chanel’s eye shadow is the best for its easy to wear shimmer.

Chanel's gel based eye makeup

Chanel’s gel based eye makeup

Dual-Textured Powders

If there is one product that cuts application time, it has to be this one.

Why it works: Women who have combination skins spend time mattifying the T-zone and adding highlights (or glow) to the cheek area. These powders automatically add shine where it’s needed and powder the areas that need oil control thanks to a mix of shimmer and finely-milled powder.

Make-up Shake-up

Foundations cover up the spots, blemishes and pigmentation on the face but the overall look tends to veer on the heavy side for most people. So, what is the right way to use base and concealer and still have your skin look natural?

Make it your beauty regime: follow a regular skincare regimen on a daily basis as a smooth well-kept complexion with make-up looks more natural than make-up on dry and flaky skin. Keep these pointers in mind for achieving a non-cakey and naturally flawless face look.

Make sure your skin is clean and very well moisturized before applying foundation. Follow up with a little primer to give an added soft finish to your skin. Choose products that have high coverage, meaning, color pigment, but those that are easy to blend. Formulations with a soft matte finish work best and look great.

Use a concealer first (the color should be slightly lighter than your pigmentation and a little darker than your normal skin tone). Use a color corrector thereafter. Choose the right shade with the help of a make-up counselor at a big-brand make-up store.

Now apply foundation all over your face and blend. Touch up if required and finish with a light dusting of translucent powder.

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