Color Me Red ;)

Color Me Red ;)

Yes, red is a tough one to crack and a color so easy to go wrong with. But in this case, the idiom ‘better safe than sorry’ can be ruled out with some easy-do advice and tips. Dare to experiment with a variety of tones of this color. Mix and match to create a stunning impression on your better half, this season.

Anne Hathaway makes a style statement in this bold color block  Roksanda Illincic dress

Anne Hathaway makes a style statement in this bold color block Roksanda Illincic dress


After taking a backseat the last couple of fashion seasons, making way for nude, red is back with a bang, with fashion brands churning out a number of bold hues to “cheer” up even the dullest moods. Research says that red denotes power and confidence and has the ability to boost one’s self-esteem. But avoid an overkill. Here’s how:

Red n Shocking pink

Red n Shocking pink

To begin with, make sure you have the following:

•Red coat / cardigan

•Formal red top

•Red dress (of any length)

•Lace lingerie in red

These are your wardrobe essentials no matter what age group you fall in. Choose a shade you prefer: From blood red to cherry or a deep maroon, and learn to use it to your advantage. For example, if you wear a red dress, you need not apply a red lip color or wear red shoes with it. Go for neutral tones if you can’t think of any other color to team it with. Stick to solids since they are easy to mix-and-match; tone-on-tone works well too. However, if feeling particularly adventurous and bold, try color-blocking. Pick a shade of pink or orange to go with the red. But remember, this one is not for the faint-hearted. Take a fashion-savvy friend’s help or the store stylist’s assistance if confused about the look. Choose with care.

Solid red trousers paired with neutrals

Solid red trousers paired with neutrals



In Asia, red denotes all things auspicious. There’s a red to suit every skin tone. Choose according to what looks best on you and experiment with it.

If you want a rich look, apply the lipstick straight from the stick. Start from the middle of your lips, and work the color to your outer edges. Stay away from the corners, since the color will invariably seep to the sides. For a less intense, subtle look, use your fingers or a lip brush to apply.

For Fair Skin: The reds that have a violet or purple tinge to them and come under the ‘cool’ tone category tend to suit people with fair complexions. Blue-reds such as plums, soft berries and wines are the shades for those who have fair skin. Pink-based reds such as rose and fuchsia also work well.

For Wheatish Skin: Warm tones work best if you have this skin tone. Choose from brown-reds, dark berries and rich chocolatey shades.

For Dusky Skin: You’re the lucky one – your complexion carries off the most vibrant of reds. Look for a bright red with a hint of orange or yellow.

Victoria Beckham with a Hermes Birkin

Victoria Beckham with a Hermes Birkin



They are the all important garnish that can add a punch to your look.

Must-have reds:

•Stilettos / Wedges

•Bag / Clutch


•Statement Jewellery

In patent leather or matte, in suede or cloth, add that pair of red heels to your wardrobe. They can lift a simple pair of jeans and white shirt to glam in a matter of minutes. However, if matching clutch/bag with shoes, make sure they are in the same shade of red.

Team the red shoes and bag/clutch with an ensemble in black/white or go bold with a bright color, but avoid an outfit in red – likely to be overpowering.

Coming to a scarf, you can opt for a printed or solid red to accessorize a dress, a plain white shirt or a simple pair of blue jeans and T-shirt.

With jewellery, it’s best to invest in a statement piece – a necklace, ring and a pair of earrings. Don’t buy a set.

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