Bitter Wicked Panache !

Bitter Wicked Panache !

Love Affair with Chanel

He is one of the most influential not to say outspoken leaders in the fashion world credited with re-inventing the famous Chanel brand. Karl Lagerfeld has taken one of Coco Chanel’s most iconic garments and immortalized it in a rather idiosyncratic way. Coco Chanel’s little black jacket is versatile, timeless and some would say iconic. And now its revamped in a series of photographs taken by Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld.
The Fashion designer has persuaded his celebrity friends Yoko Ono, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lilly Allen amonst others to pose in the jacket first created in 1916 for the london runway.

Lilly Allen

Lilly Allen & Kate Moss in Chanel


The son of a hamburg industrilaist when he is not taking photos, lagerfeld is one of the fashion worlds most influential designers. As well as his Chanel job he also runs two other fashion houses designing for Fendi and Chloe.
You do recognize his style from miles and miles away. What I love is that its the simplest things you have such an alure. A very very private man who has perfected being an extraordinary public.

The one and only Coco Chanel

The one and only Coco Chanel

Fendi Fashion show in Great Wall - Beijing

Fendi Fashion show in Great Wall – Beijing

He produces 8 collections every year for Chanel and 4 for Fendi. (2- pre-fall, 2 -fall)
What we know is that is a tremendous amount of work and this is makes him a force to reckon with.  He staged the first fashion show ever on the Great wall in Beijing for Fendi. It was an incredible spectacle but you can only imagine the hideous logistical details that would have to go into something like that. He’s been the realm of Chanel now for more than quarter of a century. Known to be the most recognizable desginer in the world, he shook things a lot when he practically brought the dead label ‘Chanel’ back to life.

Sarah Jessica Parker - little black jacket

Sarah Jessica Parker – little black jacket

He took the classic chanel suit and made it skinny and sexy. Chunky chains and sneakers with it symbolized his designer fame. Traditionalists were horrified and thought Karl was bastardizing the dignified name of Coco Chanel.
1n the early1960’s Coco Chanel openly declared that the hippie dressing in mini skirts and jeans was mortifying and due to this the chanel fad was dead. Largerfeld practically gave birth to the new chic Chanel to fit the times and moods of the people Black suits, high collared shirts and the obvious sun glasses and fingerless gloves speaks for his rock star image.No wonder he calls himself a workoholic.

Iconic Karl Lagerfeld

Iconic Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld was described by Vogue as an unparalled interpreter at the mood of the moment. But the mood of the moment has on occasion illuded him. When the british nation was celebrating the royal wedding, he said he didn’t like Pippa Middleton’s face adding she should only show her back. He also offended pop star Adele fans saying that the singer was a little too fat. He quickly apologized insisting he was actually talking about the american singer Laura Doyle.
But its not the first time the man who famously lost 90 pounds on a diet of tuna and blackberry mousse has hit hands with curvy women.
I personally love him for his collections and chutzpah ! 🙂

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