Learn how to beat the blues…

Learn how to beat the blues…

Burnt Out Already!

The world is not what it used to be a couple of decades ago. Rising competitiveness, unmanageable work schedules, a world pressurized by materialism and rise of technology have made our lives better and worse all at the same time. Our parents’ or grandparents’ generations were one where peace of mind and a work-life balance was something that was given more importance. Cut to 2013, and it is a cut-throat world where the rewards are enticing but limited, and hence begins the vicious rat race, which can have far-reaching effects.

Busy and hectic schedules leaves you burned out

Busy and hectic schedules leaves you burned out

Mid-life crisis hits men in their mid forties or early fifties, but that was then. Today, we live in the age of what is called the quarter-life crisis. This new age problem catches people much younger – those in their late 20s or mid 30s – characterized by what psychologists call ‘a feeling of being burnt out’.

We live in a society where our desires outstrip our capability to meet them, and with risking work pressures, there is little time for family or friends. This shift in social behavior has resulted in younger and younger people feeling burnt out and wanting to find something meaningful to do. It is physically characterized by disinterest in work, constant exhaustion, irritability and poor sleep. While this crisis of sorts can be temporary or sporadic, for many it becomes their way of being. Experts warn that far too many young people are experiencing this new age phenomenon and that it needs tackling at both the personal level and the work front – with support from friends and family.

Mid life Crisis - Women

Mid life Crisis all affects Women!

Find balance

Yes, your jet-setting lifestyle is important and it feels nice when your peers appreciate your success and you are the source of inspiration for your family and younger cousins. But remember, there is more to you than your job. You have to find personal nourishment as well, through self-development. We all have a hobby or interest that has been consumed by our work. Make a start and get back at that.

Tech toys with your life

Technology has changed the way we communicate and the way we live. Its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. And this has come at a huge price. We are forever busy with our mobiles or iPads and keep in touch with the outer world, while forgetting our inner one. And, that is how technology rules us. The master becomes the servant. Draw a line, keep fixed times to check your mails, messages, etc. Stay away from technology for at least an hour, when you’re at home. It may be tough to begin with, but it’s something that will bring a sense of digital sanity.

Avoid Tech Toys

Avoid Tech Toys


With crazy schedules come forgotten meal timings and junk food. Both – missing meals and eating fried or sweet foods – have shown to add anxiety levels in humans and it is important that one must have a wholesome diet, which is rich in fruits and vegetables, apart from other essentials. Dump the caffeine for green tea and the colas for some flavored water. Why not put a slice of apple or lime in your jug of water? It will make for a refreshing drink, and will keep you hydrated and healthy.

Get Moving

No, not with your emails, but on the treadmill, in the gym or in the park! Exercise releases endorphins, which are the feel good hormones that will keep you perkier. Plus as an additional bonus, working out will help in giving you the body that you always desired. Taking just an hour out every day is not a lot and it is the least you can do for yourself.

Get personal

Talk to your friends and family. Meet them more often, and not just on Facebook or Instagram. Personal interactions cannot be digitized. The more you meet and the more you share your thoughts, the easier the world will seem to you. Pent up thoughts bring anxiety, and paradoxically, knowing that your loved ones may also be going through what you are experiencing, brings a level of equalization, which is normal.

Don’t self-medicate

A lot of people pop pills for everything. One to fall asleep, another for a sore back and one to keep awake. Junk this habit now. All you need is exercise, a good diet and a decent work-life balance. Don’t start any medication without a doctor’s prescription.


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