Fly to be Fit with Jukari Moves

Fly to be Fit with Jukari Moves

Ever fancied being a trapeze artist? Try Jukari Fit to Fly and Jukari Fit to Flex to add spunk to your fitness routine to make you feel like a gymnast.

Imagine yourself floating in the air while working out! Sounds fun but unbelievable? It is possible with Jukari Fit to Fly and Jukari Fit to Flex workouts. It is a hot favorite of Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Mischa Barton and Kelly Brook and is finding space all over the world.

Jukari fit-to-fly moves is too good of an exercise

Jukari fit-to-fly moves is too good of an exercise

Jukari means ‘to play’ in Italian. It was devised by international artistic entertainment company Cirque Du Soleil. Reebok tied up with the company to devise this workout that works on your core, balance, cardio and strength. And the highlight of the workout is, you swirl and dance with a specially designed fly set. The fly set consists of a durable, three-strand rope of adjustable length that is fixed to the ceiling with a 360-degree swivel point. It was primarily decided to help gymnasts and artistes have a lean and fit body.

Audrina Patridge  trying out Jukari Workout

Audrina Patridge trying out Jukari Workout

Each session includes intense intervals of cardio that involves running through the studio on the fly set, followed by jumping off the ground and flying. It also has regular periods of serious conditioning to bring the heart rate down but with glutes right up.

It may not help you burn as many calories as you could with pilates, aerobics or dance but it surely helps you gain flexibility and mobility while toning your body. Those who understand and enjoy music get into the groove faster. The way it is choreographed, it is not very complex. In fact, the workout is fun and it is evident by the names that are given to the different techniques, like Bandstand, Party time, Disco and Flamingo.

Reebok's Jukari workout regime

Reebok’s Jukari workout regime

A one hour session combines suspension and cardio training. The basic rule is to alternate three minutes of cardio with three minutes of resistance training. Only a limited number of people can be in each session to ensure thorough care, so that they do not crash into each other during jumps, spins and leaps.

Along with the technique, people adore the music. The music is especially devised by the Jukari Fit to Fly team and is neither very fast nor very slow. It is medium fast and has around 132-145 beats per minute. They have blended instrumental and multilingual music tracks that just grow on you. Even the choreography is pre-planned but a trainer is free to mix and match.

If not done properly Jukari can hurt your knee, wrist or elbow. The basic rule is to keep the bar close to the body and move it with control. Every technique has a particular posture that needs to be followed. So if you want to fly while working out, give Jukari a try!

Some Basic Jukari Moves

Half moon or full moon For this, you have to press down on the bar with your arms to get a good lift. The instructor asks you to run in circles, sometimes making half moon and full moon, while leaning away from the bar (holding on to it for balance). You got to be light on the field to do this technique and feel like you are flying.

Balance and tone

Balance and tone

Cat jump leap You start with a full front position, with firm grip on the bar. Now, standing on the tips of your toes, you are required to come back with alternate right and left feet. It focuses on legs as well as your back muscles.

Carousel This is a standard Jukari move that works on the butt, upper back and abdominal muscles. You start spinning first with your toe on the ground and gradually elevate the whole body, while putting pressure on the abs.

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