Essential Oils for Beauty and Wellness

Essential Oils for Beauty and Wellness

We all love oil massages and aroma therapies, but it is essential that we choose the right oil. From skincare to foot and hair issues, essential oils are a quick fix for almost all your physical and mental woes. Aromatic oils not only rejuvenate your skin and hair, they revive the senses and refresh the body.

Hectic lifestyle and culture can get to you at some point, leading to increased stress and tension. With odd working hours, there are changes not only in the timing, but also in the metabolic rate because the body is technically working against a specific routine. It is time to take care and resort to some easy ways to unwind and relax!

Essential oils can be the best, be it for beauty or wellness. They instantly rejuvenate your body and mind, leaving you fresh and replenished. Unlike other oils, essential oils have specific properties that provide the body the true medicinal value of the plant.





Skin can be one of the most sensitive parts in the human anatomy. From acne and dryness to pigmentation, dullness and pimples, there are a lot of problems you have to fight daily. Pricey cosmetics don’t really make a difference in the long run. Different types of skins have different requirements. It is very important to know the skin type well in order to decide on the suitable oil.



A native of Italy, this aromatic oil is enriched with antiviral properties, helping you ward off ugly pimples, fight oily skin and keep bacteria at bay. The oil has an aroma that is rich, fresh, exotic and therapeutic, relieving stress and anxiety.

How to use: Mix a few drops with your regular massage oil or top up your everyday moisturizer with a dash of bergamot oil. Mix well and test the aroma until it reaches the desired level and then gently massage into the skin in circular motion. You could also add few drops of the oil to warm water and soak yourself in the aroma.

Bergamot oil

Bergamot oil


Tea Tree Oil

The anti-fungal property of the oil lets it penetrate deep into the skin, unblocking the sebaceous ducts, disinfecting the pore and drying out whiteheads, blackheads and other problematic pimples. It is also a good remedy for sun burns.

How to use:

For sunburns: Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with almond, vitamin-E or avocado oil and gently rub on the skin on the affected area.

For acne: Mix a semi-solid concoction of honey and curd. Add two to three drops of tea tree oil and spread well on your face. Let it stay for 15 minutes and then wash off. Oatmeal can also be used in the mixture.

For de-stressing: Apply a small amount directly on the forehead or gently massage into the scalp for instant relaxation.

TeaTree Oil

TeaTree Oil



Initially used in making perfumes, sandalwood oil has also made its way into beauty and skincare as it contains antioxidants that help improve the blood circulation, fight wrinkles and remove toxins. It also lets you heal dry skin, leaving it soft, supple and glowing.

How to use: Sandalwood oil can be directly applied on the face or can be mixed with almond oil or tea tree oil and applied.



Rosewood essential oils are mainly produced from Brazilian rosewood trees. From aphrodisiac properties to relieving pain and stretch marks, rosewood oil has multiple benefits. It helps in regeneration of the skin and also eliminates stretch marks from your thighs and belly that are usually formed after childbirth. Its anti-ageing property lifts loosened facial skin thereby removing wrinkles and making you look younger.

How to use: Dip a towel in hot water and spray on some rosewood oil. Now wrap it around your body and relax for about 45 minutes. Alternatively, mix equal portions of rosewood oil with almond or jojoba oil, massage gently on your body and face.

Rosewood Oil

Rosewood Oil



Lavender is rich in aromatic molecules. One of the most valuable oils, lavender oil is best for you if you are desperately trying to get rid of acne. It inhibits the bacteria that cause skin infection, controls over-secretion and reduces scarring.

How to use: You can either use it directly on your skin or mix it with peppermint or jojoba oil and massage onto the skin. Soak yourself in warm water mixed with the oil to rejuvenate your skin cells. The aroma is the best remedy for splitting headaches and stress in the shoulders and back.

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