I don’t have access to a gym… so i cant work-out…blah blah.. Excuses Excuses..!!

I don’t have access to a gym… so i cant work-out…blah blah.. Excuses Excuses..!!

Blog Bombing.. (verb)- to drop in someone else’s blog unexpectedly..

Trust me, I just made that word up and that is exactly what i’m doing. Feel honored to be able to write one here and make my post be a part of a plethora of information on life and lifestyle.

Vacations don't have to mean "NO EXERCISE"

Vacations don’t have to mean “NO EXERCISE”

We all have made those excuses – We’re on a vacation, I’m too busy with my kids, It gets too late by the time i get home from work, etc etc. well, i’m going to take that previlige from you. I’m gonna make it impossible for you to make excuse as to “WHY YOU CAN”T WORKOUT” and for all those people who are really caught up with life and can’t make time for the gym- you’re exactly on the right page, keep reading.


The proper way to do "PUSH-UPS"

The proper way to do “PUSH-UPS”

Here’s a few exercises you could do with-out needing a gym or any fitness related equipment:

1) Push-ups: Works the chest, shoulders, lats, upper back, and most of the upper core.

2) Squats: Also called the exercise for the body’s powerhouse, it works the entire core of the body.

3) Dumbell curls- Find any weight (Something heavy) and pump those biceps away…!!

4) Planks- Works the abdominal region.

5) Walk, jog, sprint- keeps the body’s activity rate going and helps increase the metabolism.

And the biggest mistake people do is indulge in binge and care-free eating while on vacation, it does’nt have to be that way. While on vacation make a resolution, make a resolution to eat only organic, to eat more greens, to eat more fruits.Bilieve me, the feeling of coming back from the vacation or the time-away from gym rejuvenated not only in the head unwound but also come back with a glorious tan, glowing skin and the best shape ever is very rewarding. The envy of the people who expect you to come back bloated like afloating whale is the cherry on top. This does’nt have to remind you of the Chocolate chip cake with the cherry on top sitting in you’re fridge…lol.. i think i have motivated you enough, but end of the day- the only person who can make you do what you do, is YOU.

Go on, try and find an excuse now…lol.. else follow these simple exercises and stay in shape. Surprise those neighbors by coming back from a trip in a god shape. You could follow my blog to find-out more about similar work-out tips and about Exercise and nutrition. Don’t forget – knowledge multifold’s when shared, start you’r own blog and document you’re journey.

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