10 tips to do the Perfect Squats

10 tips to do the Perfect Squats

How to Squat?

The technique to squat is very simple and can be done just about anywhere. Squats can give you serious results and are the best way to boost your overall fitness levels. This exercise alone can do wonders and must be on everybody’s routine as it requires no equipment and is beneficial for all ages.It aids in building muscle all over the body not just the legs. When done right they help with muscle mass when other areas of your body are trained. It is very helpul in mobility and we all know that aging can take a toll knees – legs and squats come to our rescue.

Proper ways to do the perfect Squats. These rules must be followed diligently in order to avoid backpains while squatting. Most people can find it tough to start with but will soon see how easy and beneficial this oldest form exercise is.

Dumbell Squats

Dumbell Squats

– Stand with legs about shoulder width apart and toes pointed out about 30-45 degrees. You may be more comfortable a few inches wider or narrower. A few reps will show you the optimum distance.

– Clasp your hands and place them behind your head with your elbows flaring out. This will open your chest out.

– Look in front and up. Find a spot and stare at it.

– Tighten your lower back and lock it in place with the rest of your spine. Your back is now one unit and is not capable of behaving as an individual vertebra.

– Keep your knees unlocked, soft and not bent.

– While keeping your arms where they are, your back tight and locked, and your chest fully opened up, break at the hip and push your butt back. You need to reach back with your butt like you are trying to sit on a toilet seat.

– Continue reaching back and lowering yourself until you reach a depth where your hip joint is below your knee joint. Some of you might not be able to sit that low due to lack of proper mobility and flexibility. Not to worry. Go as low as you can today but try to go a little lower on each progressing day.

Split Squats with dumbells

Split Squats with dumbells

– At the bottom of the squat, ensure that your knees track your toes (your knees and toes are in the same imaginary line), your heels are firmly planted on the floor and your knees are not buckling.

– As you stand up, push your knees outside, (you will feel your inner thighs when you do this) and raise your hip while still keeping your upper body tight and in position, as in the first step.

– Stand up all the way till your hips and knees are fully extended. Repeat.

Go On, Explore

Once you have mastered the basic squat, you can add a load or a jump component or move on to unilateral and other advanced variations. Here are some simple and effective squat variations that you should strongly consider making a part of your training program. One of the different types must be practiced for the beginners and gradually work your way up to master them all. Each of these types works differently on the body and it is very important to vary your exercise routine to yield good results. After a certain time body gets used to the same routine and you will not see many changes.This difference in routine helps to work on all kinds of muscles even the ones which are extremely tough to be worked on.The initial change can be easily spotted but its only the strong willed wo will continue this for a long time and make it a lifestyle habit 🙂

Jumping Squats

Jumping Squats

Types of Squats

– Basic body weight

– Split

– Jumping

– Wall

– Barbell back

– Barbell front

– Dumbbell

– Kettlebell



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