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Nourish Spiritual Pregnancy

Nourish Spiritual Pregnancy

Today, my husband and I went to see our OB doctor and found out the sex of our baby. It mostly would be a girl! This special thought brings me to this spiritual blog to talk about a very special aspect of pregnancy, which many mother-to-be may ignore or not be aware of: the Spiritual pregnancy.

Beautiful spirit exists in every women who nourish pregnancy

Spiritual pregnancy is a unique experience that is lived by every woman who accepts pregnancy and prepares for motherhood. However not every pregnant women know how to turn it on. Moreover, spiritual pregnancy is easy to be influenced by the culture of society, shaped by what other people do or experts think.

Thus the foundation of spiritual pregnancy starts with self awareness, awareness of our own thoughts, feelings, sensation and intuition. It is not limited to blissful states of positive energy, but includes feeling of fear and uncertainty. Self-awareness can help us to focus on our inner-self, the baby inside us and the connection between mom and baby. It helps make our experience of pregnancy more peaceful as our body grows, emotions change, priority shift, intuition strengthens and our receiving every day as it arrives.

Be aware of your vast inner treasures and how you can express them through your family life. Practice bringing yourself to ordinary activities: playing soothing music in your Continue reading “Nourish Spiritual Pregnancy” »